With a Vertical Chicken Roster, you can impress your friends and family everytime...

A poultry roaster that is very easy to use, clean up and cooks perfectly everytime.

The Rocket Roaster has the following features -

  • Uses affordable and flavorful charcoal, and offers a healthier and less hazardous way to cook compared to gas and oil cookers.
  • Unique Roasting Chamber seals in flavor and juices.
  • Cooks many types of foods including turkey, chicken, pork, ribs, seafood and vegetables.
  • This Vertical Chicken Roaster Will cook up to a 14 lb turkey.
  • Easy to use and to clean up.
  • Roasting basket, skewers, trivet and flavor infusers are included.
  • Operating costs are 2/3 less than comparable gas and oil cookers.
  • For outdoor use only.
Rocket Roaster Steel Product Information 

Item code 590201
Price $39.99
Rocket Roaster Porcelain and Steel Product Information 

Item code 590202
Price $39.99
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